Monday, July 13, 2009

Are You Strapped For Time?

Often times find yourself w/out enough time to exercise? I mean a good cardio workout. One that will make you sweat.

Jump. Yep, that's right. Jump! Jump rope, skip rope. To start out jump for 1-3 minutes then step touch for one minute. Then jump rope again.

Do you get the rope tangled up in your feet and ankles or does it hit your head a lot? Me too! So I cut off the rope and just hold the handles. :-) Hey, it works!!! 15-20 minutes later, you are done. You may need a shower, but you are done.

Warm up first. I do some calf raises, a few squats, quad, calf and ham stretches. To cool down, I walk around or step touch for a few minutes then stretch again.

Another fun thing to do is 'Skip it'. You can pick these things up in the summer activity toy section at Walmart. It is a flexible stick about a couple of feet long. There is a circle on one end that you slip your foot through and it gently stays around your ankle. The other end has a counter weight ball. Once you have the "Skip It" around your ankle, using your foot and ankle, you swing the ball around. With the 'free' foot you 'skip' over the flexible stick being brought around by the ball. Be sure to swap legs from time to time. This is really fun to do.

Two similar ways to get a wonderful cardio workout.