Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It has been a long time since I have posted. Much has happened. For a year or more, I have not felt my best. Chalked it off to being older. Last summer I started having some adominal discomfort. Pain moved to my chest. I went to the ER and diagnosed w/a heart attack. Still experienced pain & adominal discomfort. 5 months later I am back in the ER and I have a dissected anurism of the aorta type B. Also called called a "Torn Aorta". Can you say "John Ritter"? "Lucille Ball"? Apparently it is hard to diagnose. It was missed last summer. 50% of patients are diagnosed on the autopsy table. God is Good! Currently I am being treated medically. The goal is for the aorta to heal on its own, creating scar tissue to reinforce the wall. At this time, there is absolutly nothing on the internet that offers any personal experiences or encouragement on this condition. Currently, I have to be very careful. Keep my blood pressure down. The goal is to heal. For the forseeable future, I plan to use this blog to post my recovery. Not meant to be medical advice in any way, but to have some information out there to offer encouragement for future patients. These last few months would not be possible w/out our personal realtionship with the Lord Jesus Christ. To know that be be "absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." means to much to me. God has sustained us throughout. I will post more later! Missy