Wednesday, August 18, 2010


If you exercise, whether regularly or not, while cutting out white stuff, you will find yourself a tad more sore than usual.  Perhaps a lot more sore. 
  • Increase you simple carbs (fruits and veggies)
  • Increase water intake
I had a charlie horse in my calf in the middle of the night.  Woke me up.  Very sore this morning.  This is caused by toxins.  Sugar, fried foods, snack crackers, candy bars, cakes, etc. are all full of toxins.  As you start a complete fast on these items, by day 2 your body is reacting.  It is not a bad thing.  Just drink more water to flush it out.  And increase your sugar intake by eating MORE FRUITS & VEGGIES which is what God intended for us to do. 

You will feel better for it!  I promise!

God bless!  Let us pray for each other.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Need a snack?

Chopped up fruit, veggies, lowfat cheese, cottage cheese, old fashion rolled oats, almonds, all of these are acceptable.  One protein one carb.  Small portions and that will stave off hungar. 

When I go on a fast like this, a serving of melon or a spoon of honey on a slice of multi grain toasted bread is a life saver to get you through those first few days, especially if you exercise a good bit. 

God is good!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A New Sugar Fast!

For our better health. 

On Monday, I want to start a new sugar fast for better health.  I am copying and pasting from an older post guidlines to follow.  Anyone who would like to join and pray w/me for strengh to follow thru is free to join me. 

I do not want this to be a mandatory prayer fast unless you feel lead to.  I personally do not feel lead to at this time.  I simply want to exercise it for better health.  Will you join me? 

Feel free to post prayer needs and words of encouragement. 

I always start out w/a treat day in the beginning, but you will find it makes you feel yucky as the weeks go on. 

Remember to exercise!  God made our bodies to move!
And I am so excited!

If you have never done a Sugar Fast before, there are a few things you might want to be aware of. The first week will be a tad bit hard. Days 3-5 will be the hardest. Day 7, you are home free and will begin to feel great!

I know that I mentioned that you could have a 'treat' on the 7th day, but if you can refrain from that for at least another week, you will reap many benefits. This fast is only for 28 days and that is not long.

Speaking of benefits of Sugar Fasting here are a few that I have listed:

Lower blood sugars

Lose weight

Reduce insulin resistance

Reduce symptoms of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome-annoying & uncomfortable)

Improved endurance training and sports performance

Reduce heart disease

Lower lipids

Prevent diabetes

Prevent heart disease

Reduce hunger

I took the above right off of this web site that you can go to for more information - and something I want to add from personal experience is


Days 3-5 you will feel zapped or tired. But that will begin to improve on day 6. Day 7, you will feel great.

MONDAY Weigh and measure your waist. I hope that you have a prayer journal, either a written one or one on the computer. But have one somewhere. When we fast, we pray. God may lay one need, person, situation on your heart, He may lay dozens. You might want to write them down. I am finding that I need to write them down. Start to pray over these needs written in your journal. Ask God to remind you of them throughout the day. He will. Especially when you have that desire for that Mocha Cap, Sweet Iced Tea, Scoop of Ice Cream, that little piece of candy, etc. As you fast on that sugar, pray. When you put sweetener in your coffee, pray. As you prepare healthy foods for you and your family to eat, pray. You will be ministering to the Lord and you will see Him move.

What is included in the Sugar Fast?

Obviously-white sugar, refined sugar (that includes brown sugar. It is just white sugar with molasses added to it.)

Anything with sugar added to it.

White breads

White crackers and ... snacks. Yep. Full of white flour and yeast and sugar

Most cold cereals, especially those with the 2nd and 3rd ingredient listed "sugar" or "corn syrup" or "fruitose" or other fancy words for hidden sugars. Read the labels.

Anything with "..ose" tacked on the end of an ingredient they are mostly fancy words for hidden sugars. By the way, "Fat Free" items are full of "sugars".

Now your whole wheat breads and whole grain breads sold in the stores are cut with white flour. That is mostly what I purchase. It is better than the solid white bread. But if you want to be a purist go with pumpernickel bread. Sweet potatoes better than white potatoes. The occasional white potato is fine, just be careful of what you put on it. Same with sweet potato.

More on what you can eat:

Fresh Fruits and Veggies!

Fresh Frozen Fruits

Fresh Frozen Veggies




Milk & other Dairy

Whole Wheat and Whole grain products


Brown Rice

Whole grain pasta

There is plenty out there to eat. Just read the labels! :-)

Love y'all!

Sugar Fast Scripture Theme: Acts 13:2 While they were ministering to the Lord and fasting , the Holy Spirit said , "Set apart for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them. "

I will also add honey to my tea.  It does not seem to have the same effect as sugar.