Monday, September 29, 2008

How is Everyone Doing?

On the Sugar Fast that is. I can feel it today. I tend to become more sore for some reason. You may as well. I believe it has something to do with toxins leaving the body.

Remember to drink more water, increase carb intake. There are a lot of empty calories in sugar. You do not need to replace all of them, but you do need to eat extra piece of fruit and some extra grain. Maybe a spoon full of peanut butter.

Today I am dragging, I could tell that Cindy was dragging a tad this morning as well. We will be better tomorrow as our bodies adjust. Yours will as well. Then you will have more energy.

Remember to read labels on the boxes!

And... Pray for our Leaders, Country, Economy, Election, Citizens, Soldiers and that God will give us Wisdom.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sugar Fast & Pray

Sugar Fast

We (members of today's group fitness class) are beginning a 2 week sugar fast. We are doing this to remind us to pray for our upcoming election, country, gvt. leaders, economy, neighbors and friends. Anyone is welcome to join us in this sugar fast.

You do not have to start tomorrow, you may start anytime between now and Monday. We are only doing this one for 2 weeks (14 days) with no treat days.

Those participating may chose different levels. Some may just want to cut out white sugar and anything containing white sugar and that be it. You make your own choice of the level that you fast.

Remember that you will need to increase your calories. Simple and Complex carbs are the best and healthiest way. I usually increase my fruit intake. And eat an extra serving of wheat bread or oatmeal.

If you would like to read more on Sugar Fasts, you may scroll down the left hand column of this blog and look under ~Labels~ . There you may click on *Sugar Fast* and it will take you to all the posts on this blog concerning sugar fasts.

Remember, every time you feel the urge to eat something sweet.... Perhaps I should word it this way, every time you deny yourself the pleasure on the lips & the tongue of the sweetness of the sugar, let that be a reminder to pray. That is what God wants us to do when we fast. It is denying ourselves and putting Him and the needs of others first. Right now our country needs our prayers. And I am using the fast to remind me to continually pray for my country. (Not that I continually eat sugar all the time, but you know what I mean.)

Thank you for joining me in this!

Interval Step Circuit

Something I keep intending to mention in class is, y'all need to make sure you eat an extra 3-4 oz of lean protein with a good veggie and or a fruit serving (something hi in vitamin C) especially on days you take this class. And you really need to get that protein in you pretty soon after the class.

Be careful to not give into hunger and eat everything that does not eat you first. That can be very tempting with this kind of workout. The Thurs workout is not near as bad as a full hour. You do not want to defeat the purpose of what you are in there for.

The protein feeds and repairs the muscles. Also helps you to feel satisfied. The vitamin C carries the protein to the muscles and the veggies get the other vitamins and minerals that you need to the muscles.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!