Saturday, April 4, 2009

Boot Camp

I was in a Boot Camp Certification Workshop all day today. It was really good. I was a little worried when I got the material a few months ago. But the certifying instructor was fantastic. She added so much more than what was in the material. This was the first time she has taught the certification course, but she has been teaching Boot Camp for a while and Kick Boxing for years. Really knew what she was doing, talking about, modifications, etc.

Occasionally I will sub a Boot Camp class so I needed the certification. But I really wanted the training to incorporate in the classes that I already teach to increase variety for the participants.

Has anyone tried The Firm Wave or T-Bow? Both look like a lot of fun, but pricey.

I have been terribly busy and have not been able to post as much as I would love to.

I hope that everyone is doing well, staying on track, staying focused to "finish the race." The Greeks and Romans loved sports for entertainment. Paul used many athletic metaphors in his letters. In his letters, he was encouraging the churches to steadfastly finish the race. Stay strong, discipline themselves like an athlete. The race is the task that God has for you, Christian, the task He has for you to do while on this earth. And that task will increase His Kingdom and Glorify Him.

What you do to make yourself healthier, should also be for the Glory of God. Without Him we can do nothing. Our strength and desire comes though Him!

Have a Blessed Lord's Day,


Rob said...

Hi Melissa, who is the certifying body for this boot camp class and where can others find more info on it?

Rob said...

Hi Melissa,
Who is the certifying agency for the boot camp class you attended? And where can we go to get more info?

Melissa Wertz said...

Rob, our certifying body was thru FiTour. Great organization. I love their workshops and they have the best certifying instructors, yesterdays workshop being an example.

The training manual was not well written in my opinion. Nor in anyone's opinion. Our instructor is AFAA certified (so am I) ISSIA (? I think I got that right) for personal training and kickboxing, Mad Dog certified and certified to teach certifying instructors and spin classes as well. She is also a Teakwondo (sp) Master and taught that for 10 years. So when she offered expertise, she offered expertise. It is great that Fitour had an instructor to teach the certification that had so much more to offer. Though I still box like a girl and I doubt I will ever add a kickboxing segment to a class that I teach. :-) She did try hard on me though. I did get better.

Check for a workshop in your area. I would not rely on the course as a homestudy course alone.

Dani Joy said...

Wow!! We are praying about starting a venture that would require us to get some certification in Fitness. What are some courses you would recommend?

This post was very encouraging for me! thank you!

I am traveling right now and trying hard to stick to the diet. Cutting carbs is helping.

Melissa Wertz said...

Dani, our church has a large fitness ministry. And our Rec minister is really behind growing it. We are God's temple.

The whole staff is on a wellness and fitness program. And they are all doing so well with it.

I have several certifications thru fitour. I have group fitness through AFAA. Around here, you can have specializations through almost any certifying body, but your main group fitness needs to come from AFAA to get hired. I guess it is b/c it is so tough to get.

It has to be renewed every two years and I have to take workshops that can be from several certifying bodys, to collect credits. 5 of those credits have to come from an AFAA workshop. I get a few points for CPR that has to be renewed every 2 years.

We have a tiny fitness room and I had 10 people in there the other day. The heat was on, it was raining outside and we did not open the windows. It was stinky when we got through. LOL!

Our classes are 20.00 a month, unlimited and church memebers have free access to the weight room, track, etc. Of course, all health forms, medical releases, etc have to be filled out. Personal trainers are extra.

Sharon said...

Back when I had the flu and that cough that didn't want to leave, I quit working out. But now that the cough is mostly gone, I started back last week with my walking and weight routine. Feel so much better after working out!

Dani Joy said...

oh wow, Melissa this is awesome! This is exactly what we want to do as a mission to our community. It will be small but also we want to have a nutritional snack cafe to go hand in hand with the fitness room. Oh we would love any and all suggestions. It is all depending on partners and loans we can get for this. It´s specifically for outreach but will be a place for our people to work and have community with in the church.

Dani Joy said...

Hi, it´s been awhile! I am still at it! PTL .. I actually won an accountablility challenge. I did a write up for it and mentioned you. You were very influencial!
Hope all is well for you. You must be very busy!
I started a new phase in my workouts. Resistance bands!
I have been posting for Fitness Friday as well.
Miss ya. Have a great day in Jesus!

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