Monday, February 20, 2012

Recovery and "White Fast"

My recovery is continuing and doing great!  My energy is returning, I have less pain and really beginning to feel great!  I covet your prayers and if you are going through the same thing, please post a comment so that I and others reading this blog can pray for you.

A couple of months ago, I told someone that I was cutting back on caffeine.  She told me the best thing I could do is cut out my sugar intake.  If you read older posts, you will see that I do believe in cutting out sugars in ones diet.  However, if you love sugar, like I do, it is very hard to do.  I went w/out sugar and 'white stuff' (starches, etc.) for about 6 weeks.  After a 2 week slump of feeling like I was starving all the time as I was working out quite a bit, I started feeling better than I have ever felt!  Today I am starting that same diet.  In fact, I am not going to call it a diet, I am calling it a 'Lifestyle Change'. Because I will need to eat this way forever.  Now I do eat healthy, I simply love fro yo, ice cream, sweet tea, flavored creamers to add to coffee.... Well you get the idea.  Snack crackers are good as well.  I love them!

To read details on Sugar Fasting or better yet, I now like to call it "White Starch Fasting" read this post.You will find a good bit of information.  I do not include white potatoes & dairy in a white fast.  I have read and heard that corn should be considered a 'white starch' and it does make sense.  Corn syrup and many other sugars are derived from corn. 

I always encourage a "treat day".  No more than once a week.  And it this is tempting to 'fall off the wagon', then don't do it.  Increase your calories with fruits and veggies.  I will say that it takes a lot of fruits and veggies to add up to the same caloric intake as a piece of cake or an ice cream cone.

Have a great and blessed day!  If you have questions, just post or email me.

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