Saturday, May 19, 2012

A healthy eating lifestyle is a must if you want to maintain or lose weight.  Two of the most important tips I can give anyone would be:

  • Avoid eating at your desk or place of work (Get out of the office or building even if you bring your lunch to work. Fine a place to enjoy your meal outside and walk to it if you can.)
  • Avoid snacking while you work.  This applies if you work out of your home, a SAHM (stay at home mom... or dad), retired and especially applies if you work in an office where someone is bringing goodies  in everyday.
I have to add a few more:
  • Avoid eating meals or snacks in front of the TV.  It can cause mindless eating and distraction.
  • Plan your meals and snacks and plan where you will be (ie: sitting at the kitchen table, park bench, break room, etc.) when & while you eat.  
You will be surprised at how many calories you will cut out of your day when you follow these simple, common sense tips.  



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