Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just Like I Promised...

Welcome to the Health and Fitness Blog! If you are coming here from "Little Things in Life" As promised... Here is a photo of me doing a back bend. DD took this of me yesterday. And boy do I look like I have been a Miss Piggy the past month!!! It comes off fast when I get back on my routines.

Yep, I will be 50 in 17(?) days and I can still do a back bend. It is all of God.
I could not do any of this stuff myself!

I started this back bend from the floor. I do not do them from standing positions. Now for my DISCLAIMER & WARNING... I am a fit person. I am very flexible. I did this as a youth. Your muscles have a memory. If you did a back bend as a youth, chances are, with some exercise and a little work, you will be able to do this as well. Your arms and shoulders must be strong enough to hold up your body. Also, a good strong back is a must. In other words... DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. :-)

A Swiss Ball is great to start out on. It supports your body, stretches the abs. Most people cannot get the extension you see me doing here. I love doing this stretch after doing a routine of what my class participants call 'Nauseous Abs'.

Please scroll down to the previous post and share your 2009 Lifestyle/Fitness/Diet goals. There is a poll in the left side bar I would like you to participate in as well.

Have a Blessed Day... And New Year!


Melissa Wertz said...

Now let me see if the posting works.

Melissa Wertz said...

It does!

Sharon said...

Melissa, you are amazing! I couldn't do back bends even as a youth! Since having back surgery (a fusion of L5 to S1) in May this year, I know I'll never be able to do that! I did work out with weights in my 20's and then once in a while after my 30's. I'm going to slowly get back into that. I have been using my handweights trying to keep my arm muscles from getting saggy. I rode 2.5 miles on the Airdyne bike this morning.

Tomorrow I'll do a post and introduce your blogs, so maybe we can get some followers on here. I'd like it if you kept up the fitness blog. I think the main problem we women have is keeping our motivation.

Have a safe and blessed new year!

Alesha said...

ok, I'm here from Sharon's site. And I'm using my real name, so I am apparently feeling very BRAVE today!!! :-)

I need help. I am very much overweight, and I am so tired of it. I've been that way my whole life, so I am ready for a change at age 42.

I don't even know WHAT kind of goals to try to make. I don't exercise, although I do enjoy walking when I can. I have also worked with a Gaiam beginner's pilate dvd.

It's difficult to do anything, due to fibromyalgia and a body that is pretty much broken down from being obese for so many years.

I will be eager to read your advice.