Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have had a couple of people recently post who are vegans or 'almost' vegetarians.

A Vegan eats no product that comes from a being with a face.

A Vegetarian will often eat dairy products.

An "Almost" Vegetarian usually is someone who has access to and likes a lot of fruits and veggies. Will eat some meats on occasion. Usually refrains from red meat and pork or will only eat meat.

I am a carnivore. I lift weights, I have to have a complete protein. I like meat. I limit red meat to no more than once a week, sometimes less. I rarely eat pork of any kind.

If you do a lot of weight lifting, you need protein to repair/build muscles (depending on which theory you follow). Rice and beans just will not do it for me. I am hypothyroid and have had part of my thyroid removed. Soy and soy products are out of the question for me. (And if you have thyroid issues, you need to limit your soy intake as well.)

Whey is a great protein supplement. I look for 100% Whey and it is hard to find. Almost every product has additives, a tad of soy added (sometimes listed as vegetable protein-read your lables and be careful!) There are many brands out there. All are good. I just prefer the kind with less ingredients.

On days that you lift weights (and even on days of rest) you need an additional 20-26 additional grams of protein. That is about 3-4 oz of fish or a lean chicken breast. Or a serving of Whey Protein. Could also be about 4-5 egg whites. It is a good source of protein.

If you are trying to lose weight, avoid the protein bars. They are full of calories. And.... high in sugar.

Have a great day everyone!

BTW, I believe National Bodybuilding Champion, Kelley Nelson, is a Vegan. To read more on Kelley, click here.

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