Monday, August 4, 2008

End of Sugar Fast

And I lost 5 lbs total and 3/4" in the waist. Feel great!

Did anyone else lose weight?

I plan on doing this from time to time and ... continuing to cut back on my sugar intake altogether.


I am double SORE!!! I taught 2 classes Saturday morning. The second class was a Pilates class. Afterwords a few of us hung around to do weird flexible things... I did a back bend. Well, I did 2 back bends. The 2nd one I held it for a while. Felt good too! Stretched some things I have wanted to stretch for a while. :D Now talk about deep core tissue being worked, it got worked and I am sore from my ankles to my armpits. Calves, hams, inner/outer thighs, obliques, lumbars, traps and gluts. I did them again today! I am going to do them again tomorrow!

This O'le Gal can still do it!


Screaming Meme said...

Meliisa I drink ~ Gladiator ~ I need some help...Do you have any tips?

Melissa Wertz said...

Do you know if it is soy or whey based?