Thursday, July 17, 2008

2nd Week!

And how is everyone doing?

I know some are doing this in different stages. The first time I did a Sugar Fast, I just cut out the refined sugars. Cokes, Sweet Tea (the very hardest for me), desserts, ice cream, etc. Anything make with sugar. This time I chose to take it a step further and cut out white breads, etc.

I have left over birthday cake, candy (Hershey's kisses that did not make it into the treat bags {they were over loaded!!!}) Ahem. Snapple Peach flavored Sweet Iced Tea in the basement and I have been a good girl. I even have Popsicles in the deep freeze. Have not touched them.

Tips for the sinking feelings:
  • Eat plenty of fruit
  • Keep raisins on hand-they give a great boost of energy that lasts
  • triskets and cheese
  • cottage cheese
  • water, drink plenty of water
  • nuts, peanut butter, bread and peanut butter
  • banana and peanut butter with bread
  • a salad
  • eat 5-6 meals a day
  • most of us who workout together also lift weights we need that protein! Drink that protein shake/smoothie what ever.

Check in tomorrow for my Smoothie Recipe made with whey protein. It is very good. A good snack for you or even the whole family. Maybe we can even get Cindy to post that wonderful Chocolate Protein shake she brought to class that day. Yum!!!

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