Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Four Letter Dirty Word...


You may or may not have noticed by now, I do not encourage menu diets. Calorie/fat gram/point counting or even weighing. I encourage eating sensibly and small portions. Diet is a four letter word in my house!!!

What does eating sensibly entail? Low fat? Yes! And that means no fried foods. Our bodies are not designed to metabolized it. Does that mean low sugar? Well, YES!!! The idea is to learn to eat healthy and sensibly. And that means low sugar and low fat and .... small portions.

Here is GOOD NEWS! You can have 5-6 meals a day!!! I eat about 5 times a day, especially the days I exercise lifting weights. The days I do not lift weights, I almost have to force the food and I would rather not eat than force the food.

I want you to learn a whole new mindset of eating and taking care of your body. It is easier once you have made the change. It is getting there that will take time. There will not be instant weight loss. Did it come upon your body overnight? Or did it take a couple of years? Losing a pound a month to a pound a week is OK. And guess what. When you lose a pound a month, you will lose weight that will not be coming back. :-)

The Diet and Nutrition Certification I am working on is based on the new Pyramid. Small portions, eating so many servings of grains, fruits, nuts, veggies, dairy, beans and meats a day.

(Image from
This is the chart that is in all fitness certifications books/manuals, etc. Dr. Roisen (& Dr. Oz) has /have this in his/their book "You On A Diet" (Very good book BTW) Waist Management.

(Image from
This chart is a break down based on a 2000 calorie diet. That is if you count calories. BTW, 2000 calories a day for a woman my age, even as active as I am, is way too many calories on a daily bases. (But I do have a tad bit of a Thyroid issue. I will address glands and health in a different post. This post is about diet. :D) A woman 5-5'2" needs about 1800 calories a day to maintain. With regular exercise, increase those calories 2-3 days a week, depending on how those pants fit. And if you follow this Pyramid, you are eating all day long to get all those calories in. And you feel full!
If you want to see/print out a chart specifically for your calorie level click HERE and select the calorie level that you desire, a chart will come up that you can print out.

For food tracking worksheets, click HERE and again, select the daily calorie intake, and a food tracking worksheet, that you can print, will pop up.

Eventually you will get away from the worksheets and the calorie counting. You will stop weighing yourself. A 3-4 oz piece of lean meat and 8 asparagus spears will be your supper polished off with a glass of water or cup of tea or coffee. And you will be satisfied. You will eat a small salad or a tomato and some cottage cheese for a bed time snack, that is if you are hungry before going to bed.

You will start changing the way you eat. These ways will become habits and if you veer off, you will feel sick. Your scale will be a pair of fitted pants hanging in your closet. And you will forget about that scale you weigh on. You will climb onto it from time to time, and I want you to! I want you to take measurements too! I want you to see how successful you are.

Oh, and if those pants get too big, go buy another pair. Or you can do like me. I have a couple of pair from before married life and a couple of pair from college. I can wear one from before married life. PRAISE THE LORD!!! College, still working on it. ;-)

Today's Tip
Take advantage of the charts and the Food Pyramid. Your Tax $$$ have paid for it and I think it is a pretty good one. The only thing I do differently and advise differently is, if you lift weights you need about 15-26 more grams of complete protein a day. I get mine from a protein shake that is about 25 grams and less than 200 calories. I have grown accustomed to the taste. Make sure you eat a piece of fruit with it. Small apple, 1/2 banana, whatever you have on hand. Vitamin C helps process the protein and get it where it needs to be.

Blessings, and remember, where ever you are in this journey, God is with you to help you. I am too! Other ladies who have posted to the comment section are here for you as well.



Sharon said...

I quit dieting years and years ago. It's a racket. Lifestyle and habit changes are what we need to get our mind set on.

One of the things that I've made changes in is to eat fresher foods. I stay away from frozen and pre-packaged foods as much as possible. I figure you can always make it yourself from fresh wholesome foods and it tastes much better and you know what is in it. Eating something with ingredients I can't pronounce and sounds like it comes from a science lab makes me {shiver}!

Thank you for the charts and thank you for blogging daily on here. It is keeping me inspired to continue a lifestyle change to healthiness.

sunshine said...

Hi there!
I just found you via Sharon above me.
Love this blog. Lot's of great information here.
I've been losing and gaining the same 35 pounds for 5 years now. After regaining last year I am again reclaiming a healthy lifestyle. This time I am commited to making sure I keep it off.

I'll be back!
Take Care,

A Note From Theresa said...

Hello, I was given your blog address from Sharon, and I want to say that I found your blog to be a wonderful help with what I'm trying to do.

I have two blogs, one is my weight loss blog, and the other is just for everyday. If you get the time please stop by.

I will be back to your blog.

sunshine said...

Thanks so much for the welcome!