Thursday, January 8, 2009


Is OK for women. And in older women, almost necessary. When I do or teach an Interval Step Circuit Workout, I use 10 - 15 lbs weights. (Dumbbells) When I weight lift, I pump (dumbbells/freeweights) 10 - 20 lbs for upper body and 15 - 35 lower body. Oh, BTW, that is in each hand. Not total weight, because I am using dumbbells. So my total weight would be anywhere from 20 lbs to 70 lbs. Machines using cable systems, I can usually pump a lot more b/c I have the assistance of the cables.

I genetically do not bulk up, so I do not have any fear of looking like "a man". I have some class participants who will 'bulk up' using the same weights I use, when that happens, we just lower the amount of weight that they are lifting. We want to look good, not be flabby or look like men.

Heavier weights combined with cardio will really burn off that fat. You do a cardio session for 3 minutes, working up to a 'puffiness', but can talk, then you stop, grab your weights and lift for 2 minutes. Quickly go back to cardio for 3 minutes. 1st minute steady, 2nd minute speed it up, 3rd minute work up to that 'puffiness', but can still talk. Grab your weights and lift for 2 minutes. You will sweat like a stuck pig. I only do this with step routines and upper body with the weights. I never work the lower body because of the blood pooling. And talk about endorphin high, it takes a max of 30 minutes for me to totally recover from this 1 hour class and I can go home and clean it from top to bottom. I try to not do it more than 2 times a week. Your body need a 48 hour break in between this class. However, I am conditioned and I have taught it 2 times in a day and 4 or 5 times in a week. I also developed a 'gaunt' look. It must be my age. LOL! Really do not think I lost any weight. My clothes got pretty loose for a couple of weeks. That was only temporary as I was subbing for instructors who were on vacations. And when you are almost 50 your skin reacts different to the loss of body fat. As soon as my teaching schedule slowed down and I went on vacation (others subbed for me.) But if you want a good steady weight loss, this is a good cardio weightlifting combination. On other days, do a favorite cardio for 30 mintues to an hours (3 other times) and one to two other times during the week, do a lower body workout with weights or pilates or something you like to do for stretching and toning.

What weights to lift? Let us say you are lifting 3 lb weights. Get a set of 5 lb weights, switch back and forth, building up to the 5lbs. When ever a weight begins to feel like a feather, it is time to move up. 8lbs, 10lbs, 12lbs, etc. You want to be able to fatigue without straining or hurting yourself.

Todays Tip:
Weights~Not just for men. For Women Too!!! I know that most of you post that you work out with weights or used to work out with weights regularly. You can train with weights about 3-4 times a week. 2 times upper body and 2 times lower body or 3 times full body work out and stay in great shape.
  • You will build muscle that will look smaller than fat (we all want to look smaller!)
  • You will build muscle that will burn more calories and fat revving up your metabolism
  • Weights and strength training creates a chemical in your body that lubricates your joints. (Exercise in general does this as well.) Many people have arthritis, but are not symptomatic or diagnosed with it until after a time of inactivity. As long as they exercise, their bodies are producing this chemical. When they stop, their bodies stop producing the chemical and the joints become stiff and sometimes will even swell. See how God has built us for activity!
  • Weight and Strength training increases bone density and deters bone density breakdown
  • Decreases endocrine gland issues. (Thyroid, Diabetes, etc.)
Make sure you take in an extra serving of a whey protein drink, tuna, some egg whites (with one yellow yoke for 4 whites) or something with a side of fruit for the vitamine C. You need it to build/rebuild your muscles.

God wants you to be strong and healthy! He designed us for work and play. For lifting for loving.
Y'all have a blessed day,


Melissa Wertz said...

Ok ladies, this commit is going to be TMI. For years I have not eaten fried foods with one exception... the country fried steak served at our church's Wed night supper. We had it last night. I did not even eat 1/2 of it. (For me, too filling.) I had my gallbladder removed 1 and a half years ago and anything fried talks to me. Yuck!!! You do not realize how much fat is in your diet on a regular basis until your body cannot process it. At certain restaurants, I have to be very careful what I order. It has to be very low in fat or I will not make it thru the meal. All that being said, I shrunk many dress sizes in a year.

Fried foods and fatty foods pile on the weight.

Melissa Wertz said...

I just re read my commit and it is not as gross as I thought it would be. :D That Country Fried Steak is still talking to me....

Anonymous said...

I have had very good results with step aerobics and weight training. I actually use a Kathy Smith step aerobic/weight training combination DVD that I really like. I also have a couple of The Firm step aerobic DVDs that I would like to start using. This was a great post, very informative! I hope you are feeling better after your chicken fried steak!

momstheword said...

You mentioned something about not doing lower body because of the blood pooling. Are you talking just during the circuit training or do you mean ever.

We were recently given a Bowflex and I am planning on using that. Before that, I was working out to a circuit training dvd by Jillian Michaels.

I plan on switching to the Bowflex and doing the treadmill as my cardio. Although the Jillian tape was alot faster time-wise.

BTW, I put a link to your blog on my post today. I hope you don't mind. I can take it off if you do.

momstheword said...

Yes, it does make sense, thank you! I walked for a half hour on my treadmill, though only at 3.5 mph because I haven't walked in a couple of months so feel that I need to start slow before I work up to my regular speed.

I assume that it's o.k. to do a workout on the Bowflex for both arms and legs, since I'm just starting out and the weight won't be very heavy. Then I'll have a day of rest tomorrow (except for the walking).

My downfall is snacking. Even when I am at my regular weight (I have ten pounds to go) I still have to be careful to limit myself to 100 calories a day for a snack, otherwise, I will just get back in my bad snacking habits again....sigh!

Melissa Wertz said...

Snacking is hard for me too! I try to go with cottage cheese and a fruit or veggie, but sometimes that is hard.