Friday, January 16, 2009

The Secret to Getting Rid of....

.... that Belly Fat!!!

Yep. And it is no real secret. There is some work and discipline though. Even if you exercise a lot and not getting the results you want, there is more you can do. And GOOD NEWS!!! You do not have to do it for long.
  • First, before you 'try' anything, especially if you have attempted over and over to lose weight and get in shape, start with prayer. God loves you. You are His chosen. He does not 'need' us, He wants us. He wants us healthy for His will and His purpose. If God has placed a thorn in your side, such as he did with Paul, Peter, Moses, I can go on and on... He has done it for His Glory.
  • Cut back on starches. A few (3-5) servings of whole grains/potatoes a day max.
  • Eliminate sweets.... cookies, ice cream & fro yo (my weakness), etc.
  • Increase green veggies.
  • Avoid fast foods.
  • Avoid fried foods.
  • Avoid beverages (sweetened with artificial sweeteners or sugar) drink water instead. Unsweetened tea or coffee OK. Drink lots of water. H2O.
  • Increase your cardio. Utilize High Intensity Interval Training {HIIT} during your cardio sessions. Want the body fat to come off faster, switch to circuit. Lift weights during the 'recovery' time. (Only use weights 2 times a week.)
  • Enjoy a treat every couple of weeks until you lose the belly fat that you want to lose. (You do not want to feel too deprived, but pray and ask God to give your the perseverance to stick to your plan until you reach your goal.)
This plan works. And your tummy will melt away. Really melt away. (Other parts of you will as well!) You can make it fun. Add some variety and work toward a goal. And when that waist starts really shrinking, those clothes in the closet get too big, people ask what you have been doing... Tell you how great you look, you will not mind a bit that you have not had ice cream for a month.

Did I mention that you will feel great after the 5th day or so, really great! Make sure you increase your fruit intake. Eat a banana every day. If you do not bananas, find something high in potassium that you do like and eat one everyday.

I am being more and more convinced that God did not intend for our bodies to ingest white sugars. Every time I do the above, I see changes in my body, shrink in my waist. Other places as well. Usually lose a few lbs. I have thought about trying honey in my tea, and I might do that. If I do, I will report it.

There is no magic pill or potion. But the fantastic news is, you can do this. You can try this for two weeks. And you will find how easy it is to be successful.

In a few days, I will post the science behind this 'plan'.

Today's Tip:

Make prayer a part of your daily exercise routine. Pray for strength, will power, discipline and God's will in your life in this endeavor. He will want you to share your testimony and how He has helped you.
Start using High Intensity Interval Training in your exercise programs. It works!!!


true blessings said...

Hello~When you say to cut back on S, does this also mean honey & fruits..?

Melissa Wertz said...

Eat fruits. In fact, I have to increase fruits or I will fall out. Just run clean out of energy. Our bodies are design to metabolize the calories, sugars and nutrients in the fruits. But not the sugars. However, if you eat way too much fruit, you can still have too many sugar grams/calories than you need.

A small apple and a chocolate chip cookie may have approximately the same amount of calories and similar in amount in sugar, but the break down in our bodies and how it is used in our bodies is totally different.

Honey is a natural sugar and when I had done a sugar fast, I have not used honey, however I planned on using honey this time. I just have not yet. This is just my 4th day. And it takes 4-5 days for me to have a good cleansing of the sugars. I simply want to experiment on the honey. If I feel a glycemic spike, which is really obvious after 5 days, I will know it might not be a good thing. But used in a recipe, such as pumpkin bread (I will post sometime), is good!

Melissa Wertz said...

I put two honey sticks in a cup of tea this afternoon. I could barely taste the honey and felt no blood sugar spike of any kind.

It did not seem to enhance the flavor of this tea so I will not drink honey with it again.

Honey still has calories. There a book, I do not think I still have it, called The Yeast Connection. A Dr. Cook was the writer. He researched ancient medical writings (before the time of refined sugar, honey was the primary sweetener.) Children who ate a lot of sweets and 'sweet cakes' had large middles, white tongues, prone to runny noses.

Sharon said...

White sugar is a hard addiction to break, especially in the South. I LOVE sweet tea, but have cut back on how much I drink of it. I'm trying to drink more water and that is my newest goal. I have tried honey in tea and it's a little different taste and one I think you have to get used to. You might want to experiment with different kinds of honey as well because there is a difference in taste in different kinds of honey.

Melissa Wertz said...

Sharon, I did a 28 day sugar fast last summer (you can read about it on older posts) and enjoyed a treat day on Sundays. By the 3rd Sunday, sweets were making me sick, especially if they were rich. My sweet tea (and we make it really sweet 1 1/2 - 1 2/3 C per gallon) had to really be cut with unsweet.

Since that fast, I have quit drinking sweet tea. That was the most major change for me.

I have some nice homemade honey I save for baking. I think those sticks came from a tea swap and have never given any flavor to anything I have used them in.

Dani Joy said...

Thanks I´m printing this one! it about covers it all!

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Sugar is the one thing that's hard for me to live without, I love pastry! I do think cutting out starches help alot. When I've very good about what I eat, I eat very South Beach style and I always get such great results!


Dani Joy said...

I have some questions. I am doing all of this and have been since you posted it. Not always so strict. a couple of potatoe wedges here a piece of bread.. but really trying to cut out white sugars. I have bought yougurts with out sugar added and some sugar free chocolate. I am feeling better and better. My question is what sugars are ok to eat in moderation. which ones are better? I have some things with fructose and some with artifical sugars. Then in dire straight brown pure cane sugar.
Question 2.. why shouldn´t I lift weights more than two times a week? I have been biking doing the high intensity work out with lifting light weights during the slow or low intensity rep.: curls, tricep curls, butterflies, sholder lifts and a trunk twist to work on the waist. I do the weight circuit about 4 times. What do you think? It seems to be trimming me down. And I like it.

Dani Joy said...

Thanks for the explanation about the weights. I get it now. I am loosing weight! I have lost almost 5 lbs! Praise the Lord!