Monday, January 5, 2009

Time to Commit!

Good Morning Ladies!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and blessed LORD's Day.

I hope that you have gotten all those Holiday Goodies out of your house and did your weigh - in, measurements, etc. If not, today is a good day to start!

Throwing away the excess goodies and doing that weigh in is making a commitment. A commitment to yourself and to making a change. Only you can do that. God can help you, if you will let Him, but again, it is your choice. And YOU CAN DO IT!

Today's Tip:

Soft drinks... How many of you drink soft drinks? Down here in the deep south they are called cokes. Coke is generic for soft drink or pop. Now what I am about to say most people do not agree with, but 99.9% of personal trainers and fitness instructors across the board all agree with this (remember, we train people, keep logs, food and drink journals, etc. We have facts! Even some Doctors like to disagree with us on this, but I think it is b/c it is bad for their business...) Replace your cokes with water. Even your diet cokes with water. Tea and coffee are OK. Learn to drink them without sugar or sweeter. If you have to have some sweet in your coffee or tea, use honey. It is best to learn to drink it w/out any sweet. And you can do it. Low fat milk is OK.
Replace the soft drinks with water. Some people do not like water, but you really need water. Not flavored watered, just plain water. Nothing added. Fruit 2o and stuff like that have additives. They all have unnecessary chemicals. If you have to have a coke, glass of sweet tea, lemonade, make it a treat once or twice a month and make it the real thing. Something you can enjoy.

There is a gal who I have taught and trained with who loves diet coke. Drinks several a day. Knows she shouldn't, but does anyway. Well, she took herself off of them for a month 'just to see' and replaced them with water. She did not change anything else in her diet. The lady lost 7 lbs!!! 7lbs!!! She went back to the diet drinks and the 7lbs came back on. So there is something to it. I can tell you tons of stories like that, but it would take days of typing. :D

Get at least 20 minutes of Cardio in today. I am teaching 2 classes this morning so I know I will be getting my cardio in and my weightlifting.

God Bless You Ladies!


Sharon said...

Great tip! I don't drink cokes every day, but more often than I should. Our gastroenterologist said that if people would quit drinking carbonated soft drinks, there wouldn't be much acid reflux problems. Do you know that some people use a can of coke to pour down a clogged drain to unclog it?! Just think what it does to our pipes!

I'm committing to drink more water!

Melissa Wertz said...

I had no idea that people use soft drinks to declog a drain. My uncle pours a coke over his brisket to tenderize it.

Strawberry Blonde said...

Commit is my word for the year! I'll join in your commitment to Just Say No to Cokes, though, Coke Zero is very special to me.

I'm even drinking water as we speak, er type. I'm impressed that you actually teach people to for real exercise. That is a struggle for me. I'm a petite person, but I do need some work out time. Gotta keep the ole heart ticking. :)