Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Typical Daily Menu

Though it has been requested, I knew that yesterday's post would not be exciting. You see, I do not cook with added calories, fats, etc. In fact it is plain common sense "Healthy Cooking" and if you have been reading "Ways to cook healthy...", "Ways to cook to lose weight...", it is nothing you have not read before. I do nothing different.

I think everyone is looking for the book, the advice, the blog with the person writing who will say, "Eat all these foods YOU LOVE, prepared the way YOU LIKE, drink all the cokes (beverages) YOU LIKE, take this little pill, drink this little juice everyday, do this mantra everyday, etc and the pounds will melt away.

Yes, that is what most people want to hear. I am often hired as a personal trainer and it is so disappointing to the ladies (who have obviously spent years of over eating and drinking everything they love & suddenly want their girlish figures back) find out I don't have that magic pill, drink or mantra.

I will say one thing-If you work out a lot, (and I mean a whole lot!) you can get away with more calories and more foods. (But it does not start out that way! It is only after years of consistent exercise!) There is one gal I know who has to eat a ton of food just to stay a size two. If she eats much less, she will look emaciated. And a 48-49 yo Nordic face does not look great emaciated. If I teach more than 8 classes in a week, I have to eat a ton of food. And it cannot be junk(Or I feel sick). I can eat some treats and yes I will have that much deserved heaping bowl of ice cream with hot fudge at the end of the week for a treat.

I used to exercise so that "I can eat all I want..." and "what I want..." Guess what, that caught up with me as well. Yes, I gained "muscle" weight, but not size. I probably gained body fat as well. I had a major abdominal surgery that kept me very sedentary for 6 weeks (dr released me to exercise after 8 weeks). I had turned into a piece of lard. And it was flabby lard. I could not fasten anything. And I could not do abs for 12 months post surgery!!! All I could do was low impact and some weights. It was like climbing uphill and not going anywhere. I had to really cut back on the calories. That is when "I exercise to eat all I want...." really caught up with me. I am sure most of you reading this have a similar story. But that should never be anyone's mentality about food. It is akin to 'Gluttony'.

Food is fuel for our bodies. We need to enjoy it. Make it pleasant. Make our meal times pleasant as well. Eat as families and friends. Set a beautiful tablescape. In the Bible food is nourishment, fellowship, feasts, rejoicing, sacrifice, offering, never just pure gluttony. And now that is my mentality. Fuel and fellowship. I have an aunt who has never been over weight. She puts it the best way. "I have always eaten to live, not lived to eat. " She has always managed her weight by her wardrobe. Exercises daily.

Now for a typical menu, and it does vary from day to day. Depending on what left overs I have or my schedule.

Upon getting up, I take a kelp Iodine tablet and drink 16 oz of water and wait an hour before I eat. I do not take any prescription thyroid meds. Not sure if I need to or not. (Need to schedule a check up! I mainly watch the hair loss. Right now, my hair is fine.)

Typical Weekday Breakfast
1/2 cup plain cheerios w/1/2cup low fat milk and sliced banana or other fruit in season. 2 cups of coffee with low fat milk. Sometimes another glass of water.
3/4 cup of raisin brain with 1/2 cup lowfat milk, coffee, water...
1/2 cup of rolled oats cooked as directed w/ sprinkle of salt, no butter. Small piece of fruit or berries in season. Coffee & water.

I cannot seem to eat those breakfasts that weightlifters and a lot of workout people eat. I got so sick doing that once. And a gal in one of my classes did throw up in one of my classes eating one of those breakfasts weightlifters are supposed to eat. You know, if I go jog or run as soon as I get up, all I need is a few sips of water and a few sips of coffee. I'm good.

I will drink and additional 1 quart of water during the morning time. Usually when I workout.

Mid Morning Snack
Protien Shake and a small piece of fruit
Protien Smoothie I have made.

Scrambled Egg sandwich & side of veggies
Scrambled Egg, spinach, tomato, mushroom wrap
Cottage Cheese & fruit or veggie & trisket
Tuna salad sandwich or T salad with crackers and a side salad or a side of veggies or fruit
Leftovers from the night before

I will drink another 1 quart of water during the afternoon.

Mid Afternoon Snack (I try to keep this one small b/c we will be eating in supper in 2-3 hours.)
This is usually quick as DD is coming home from school, I am getting supper started, etc.
Low-fat Cheese stick and fruit or veggie
Sample of supper I am preparing with a small protein shake
Leftovers if I have any from lunch. (Remember I have learned to eat to live, at this point, food is fuel for my body....)
Just a glass of milk or some yogurt.

A lean Meat
Steamed Vegatable or salad
Patoto, rice or whole wheat pasta
16 oz of water

Sometimes we have homemade soup for supper.

Evening Snack
I rarely have one unless it is more junk related and I try to stick to that only on weekends.

A really good book, that is OOP (Out of Print) is The Hilton Head Metabolism Diet by Dr. Peter Miller. It is at least 30 years old. However, that book has great menus (if that is what you need) and recipes that are wonderful for anyone. I recomend them for a diebetic person, they are kosher, etc. Really good for getting you on a mind set if you are the type person who needs a menu with measured out foods. {Addendum~I just did a google. There have been revised additions. I found some upwards to $144??? HUH? What is that about? Oh well, the link above will take you to a place where you can purchase a copy for as little as 75 cents.) I think my copy was printed in the 70's. And it is not for sale. :D}

Todays Tip:
Utilize those leftovers in your lunches and snacks. It keeps them from being boring and keeps them from going to waste!


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Thanks Sharon. I just wanted to see if the moderation works. And it does! I needed someone else to do it b/c when I post, it goes straight in. Thanks again.

sunshine said...

So true. We all want something easy.. like a pill. LOL
I wish!!!
Still plugging along here. I had a bad day today eating wise but I'm committed to getting back on track. Tommorow will be a better day. No excuses.. it was what it was.
Thanks so much for this post. Great stuff!
At first glance I thought the book you were suggesting was called.. "The Paris Hilton Head Diet".. LOL.... hahah.. ahhhh man. I need to go to bed now.
Thanks again!

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Wow, great post!